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Fire Arm Instruction– We will instruct you on how to use, clean and maintain YOUR firearm, magazines and ammunition as well as other common firearms. This type of training is essential to ALL firearm owners so that they can understand the basic principals of their and other firearms. This class is essential to people who have minimal to zero knowledge on the use of firearms. This is an “Office Environment Class” and involves NO live ammo or firing.  FEE: $100 ($60 when you combine with the LTC class.)

License To Carry Plus-Our LTC/CHL training course is a 1 day course. You will spend 4.5 hours in class learning the mandated requirements as provided by the state as well as current scenarios associated with CHL/LTC. This class includes range time. There is no extra fees associated with the range. It is called “Plus” because we offer MORE detailed information than the state requirements. FEE: $80 (Limited-Time Special)

Advanced License To Carry Course-Dusk to Dawn-Advanced class that involves 2 days of class and alot of shooting. FEE: $300

  • Daily activity involving in the carrying, storage and concealment of your firearm
  • Understanding firearm ammo/holster and retention practice
  • On the road. How to deal with situations when you are behind the wheel
  • In a public setting. Covering scenarios in common establishments such as Restaurants, Grocery Stores, Convenience Stores etc.
  • Offensive and Defensive positioning.
  • Atypical situations involving the use of your limbs.
  • Night time scenarios and shooting. 
  • Laws associated with the use of deadly force at home, in public and private property.  

Shotgun Course– We will instruct you on the proper use of the pump shotgun. This will cover the mechanics, actions and use of the shotgun for storage, transportation and defense. This includes ammunition types as well as it’s effectiveness. This is a 1 day class and does involve live fire as well as range use (all included). FEE: $200