Safe / Panic Rooms for Home, School or Business

It is unfortunate that we live in a society where our freedom is threatened on a daily basis by those that are irresponsible. How do we combat such crime? Such violence? Such irresponsibility?

We cannot continue to take take and take. This leaves the citizens vulnerable to the elements of crime, however we DO offer a solution to when one does TAKE TAKE and TAKE. It is called the Alamo Fortress Safe / Panic room.

With School shootings, home invasions and crime rampant, all we can do is prepare. Our custom built Safe / Panic rooms can be as simple as refortified rooms and doors to detailed kevlar /steel lined walls with the highest technology available.

Safe / Panic rooms can be created in schools to aid in safety. There can be more than one and within each section of a school. Within that safe/panic room there can be a safe with firearms to assist in protecting your students and faculty. The safe can only be accessed by those intended to have access. The safe / Panic room will be equipped with communications, food, water, portable toilet(s) blankets and other items customized for your needs.

Our Safe/ Panic rooms can also be installed in business’s and homes. Our job is your safety. Let us take care of you. Our licensed Architects will build what is right for your safety as well as ensure you are beyond code.