Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Should I have firearm training prior to taking the LTC course?

A. Yes. This course is specifically created for people who have basic firearm instruction and knowledge. We do offer proper training as a combination discount associated with the LTC class.

Q. Do you offer firearm training? How long will it take? Will I be able to shoot my firearm?

A. Yes we offer firearm training specific to your firearm and by appointment. We can train 1 on 1 or by group. Instruction depends on the student. You will be able to shoot your firearm once you successfully show your ability to safely use your firearm in a dry fire proficient way to the instructor.

Q. What if I cannot make the class but have already paid for it?

A. We understand things happen. You will be allowed to attend the next class. At no time will a student be allowed to participate in the class without paying their dues first. If the class is full, you will not have priority over a student who has already paid and arrives to class.

Q. How many people can attend the class?

A. We have a specific amount of seating, therefore it is important to pay and reserve your position early. 12 is our max.

Q. Do you offer online classes?

A. We do not provide the course online. We KNOW and feel hands our training is more important to all students taking this course.

Q. I took the course online or with another instructor. Can you qualify for me for the firearm portion?

A. We only qualify our own students.

Q. Do you have a private or public range?

A. We have our own private range where YOU the students will be the only ones shooting. The range fee is already included in the package.

Q. I have a criminal record. Do I qualify?

A. This depends on the crime and time. I am not a lawyer however some have had their firearm rights restored. Here is the link to the laws pertaining LTC qualification.