Basic LTC Plus handgun licensing course

Our LTC/CHL training course is a 1 day course. You will spend 4.5 hours in a classroom environment learning the mandated requirements as provided by the state as well as current scenarios associated with CHL/LTC. Please read below for specific information.

Once you complete the written exam we will then travel to our private range located in south Bexar County where you will take a shooting exam. We have our OWN private range and do not use any public ranges.

IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT YOU ARE FAMILIAR WITH YOUR FIREARM AND SHOOTING. This course is advised ONLY if the individual has basic firearm experience. If you need instruction with your firearms, please inquire for a class that will be discounted as a package if you take the LTC Plus.

You will be allowed to fire some practice rounds (as long as you have 50 rounds for qualification) if you feel you might be rusty. This is completely legal and within our right as well as discretion to aid you in the confidence of the shooting portion of the test.

The shooting portion consist of 50 rounds from the 3, 7 and 15 yard lines. You will be properly instructed prior to positioning and qualification. You must score a minimum of 175 to pass the shooting exam.

If by chance the weather is inclement and we are unable to shoot, you will be allowed to shoot at the very next possible chance. If by chance you fail your shooting course, you will be allowed to retake the shooting portion that very time granted you have the ammunition to do so.

What you will need:

1 Handgun (.22-.45 caliber) 1 pair of safety/sun glasses, 1 set of ear muffs or ear protection, a baseball cap, 50 rounds of ammunition. (no open toe’d shoes or shorts allowed) Prefer a collared shirt

When and what time:

We schedule classes according to demand. Usually every weekend or every other weekend depending on our other classes.  Our CHL/LTC classes begin at 10:30 am and usually end around 4:30-5:00 pm depending on shooters.


Class is at 2806 Fredericksburg Rd. Suite 111 San Antonio, Texas 78201.
Range is located 20111 S. Jett Rd San Antonio, Texas 78264

Fees: CASH or CHECK only

Our fees are $80 per person. We do not offer free “drinks, meals, door prizes. or surprises” to get business. What we DO offer is a solid class that is backed up buy 5 star reviews and actual experience.