Pricing and Fees

We understand that most people do not have firearms and are new to this form of training. We take our training extremely serious and feel that shortcuts, Inaccuracies and incompetence are the worst forms of corruption.

You can supply your own firearm or we can rent one to you. It is important and essential that you are familiar and trained to use a firearm PRIOR to taking the LTC course. Like getting a drivers license, it is imperative to know how to drive before testing for a drivers license. 

Below you will see a price list of our courses and products.

Firearm Instruction: $200 This includes everything associated with your personal firearm. An example of our firearm instruction can be found in our gallery. 

LTC + Plus Course: $80.00

Handgun Rental

Glock 19 Semi-Automatic in 9mm =$20.00   

Smith and Wesson .38 Revolver = $20.00

Sig Sauer Mosquito Semi-Automatic .22 = $20.00

(We do not supply the ammunition. If you need ammunition we charge $20.00 per box of 50)

Advance CHL Course “Dusk to Dawn”: $300 per person

All other courses subject to availability and demand


E. Cruz

Owner of River City Tactical