Welcome to River City Tactical. 

Your source for modern day firearm training. Not only do we offer firearm training, we also offer self defense modules for home and business.  

Crime AND Prevention go hand in hand. Unfortunately not everyone thinks the same way and therefore are subject to being a victim of crime. Here at River City Tactical we train you on the use of firearms for protection as well as aid in prevention. Firearm/Shotgun and Carbine training is available. 

We offer CHL/LTC license to carry instruction and certification as required by the State of Texas. Our LTC training is TOP NOTCH with an emphasis on more than the basic requirements as requested by the State of Texas. We are NOT priced competitively because we feel your life depends on our training. So you get what you pay for and in this case, excellent instruction with detailed interaction with our students. 


So feel free to browse our website and for more information, Please use the contact us page or call us 210-588-0080

Eddie Cruz

Instructor / Owner